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This Company has a history of over thirty years in the design and manufacture of retail display systems. The company's five divisions can offer the complete solution to any retailer's shop fitting needs and is the UK's leading manufacturer and installer of shop fittings including fresh, chilled and bakery produce displays, shelving and restaurant counters. Operating from five sites the company today employs over 700 people.


The Project

The aims of the project were to:

  • Implement a lean enterprise both internally and within the company’s supply chain.
  • Target both shop floor and office areas to produce consistency in introducing improvements.
  • Improve efficiency in both processes and systems providing clear impact on cash flow to facilitate further growth and expansion.
  • Remove barriers and create cross functional team working and empowerment.
  • Create a continuous improvement culture.

Tangible Benefits

  • The implementation of the Lean philosophy resulted in the following achievements:
  • Front end customer order process reduced from 16 days to 3 days in the office
  • Inventory reduction utilising an inventory control system (Kanban/Vendor Managed Inventory) by 50% (£70,000 on one item alone!).
  • Improvement in general appearance of whole site by employees taking ownership (5S) thereby creating a better image to potential customers.
  • Reduce unproductive process time in high value equipment utilisation (SMED) by 50%.

Intangible Benefits

  • Increased awareness and knowledge in lean methodologies
  • Sharing of best practice, ideas and solutions
  • Raising morale of staff
  • Introduction of lean methodologies into standard way of working
  • Pride in working environment by staff
  • All staff more commercially aware cost conscious.