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We strive to deliver improvements in the profit performance of our clients by implementing the principles of Lean Manufacturing. Systems Administration and Energy Management and Conservation. The benefits to your company include improved customer service, enhanced product quality, increased productivity and shorter total lead times, reduced inventory levels, lower product costs and increased equipment OEE.

Think Lean and Ti

  • trans-innov8 has many years experience in successfully teaching Lean Principles. We have applied these to trans-innov8’s wide variety of industries and business organisations both on the shop floor and in general administration. Our expertise is in helping companies develop a culture of continuous improvement through workshops designed to build excitement and ownership of the improvement process. T-I focuses on the entire organisation in the endless pursuit of waste elimination. We run courses which cover the core principles and ideas of the "Lean Temple" necessary to successfully transform your company into a Lean Manufacturing operation. 
  • Training courses are typically conducted on site but are also available as off-site training sessions. In addition to courses, we have experienced Lean Engineers who can help you implement Lean in a practical hands-on way. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the Toyota Production System and Kaizen with effective teaching methods to help you "think and act lean".
  • We have no preconceptions of how your business should be run. However, we do know what an efficient high quality customer focused, Lean enterprise looks like and we can help your team develop and achieve this vision for yourselves. We ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of lean by complementing core principles with training in the areas of :
    • People, Performance and Change Management
    • Leadership Development
    • Strategy & Policy

Reputation for Quality

  • Quality is seen by managers the world over as being mission critical to a company's long-term survival. T-I has received acclaim by its clients for achievements in delivering quality products and services. T-I recognises quality as a 'competitive necessity' that few companies today can afford to ignore.
  • An increase in product quality not only helps to generate profits by increased sales, but quality also helps to reduce overall running costs. At T-I, we assist our clients in embracing the quality philosophy throughout their operation. Our approach 'Transforms' companies by changing the attitudes of employees and this in turn maximises competitive advantage.
  • trans-innov8 demonstrates its commitment to quality by contracting the region's best known and respected specialists in this field.

ERP / MRP Systems

Industries worldwide are experiencing rapid and radical change brought about by:d

  • Reduction of Trade Barriers
  • Technological Breakthroughs
  • Globalisation
  • Introduction of Supply Chain Technology Brought About by Customers
  • Demand for High Quality Products and Services

In order to navigate successfully in today's dynamic business climate, companies must satisfy customers, manage scarce resources wisely and embrace change. One way of staying ahead of the competition and surviving in this changing business climate is to maximise the benefits of your Business Administration System.

At T-I we offer tailored solutions to suit the needs of our clients based on years of implementation, action, experience and study of the world's leading productivity improvement systems. We understand the market place and the Best Practice working processes/business interface of both customers and suppliers.

Selection & Implementation

Selecting a new or replacement Business Administration System can be a daunting task requiring a serious level of commitment and financial investment. The internal resources required to drive such a project can have a detrimental effect on the work of the company. At trans-innov8 we recognise this and as such, we will work as an extension of your team providing advice and ideas to guide you through what initially can appear to be a difficult task. In selecting a replacement or new Business Administration System, trans-innov8 can provide assistance in areas such as:

  • IT Strategy
  • Preparation of Specification Requirements
  • Preparation of Invitation to Tender
  • Finding Suitable Prospective Suppliers
  • Vetting Supplier Responses
  • Preparation of Shortlist of Recommended Suppliers
  • Arrangement of Demonstrations and User Visits
  • Final Supplier Assessment
  • Contractual Negotiations
  • Pre-implementation Planning 
  • Project Management
  • Go-live Handholding